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Welcome to Piroska Pulik!

Red Riding Hood Puli was created by artist Mike McCartney. "Piroska" means Red Riding Hood.

Pulis (the Hungarian plural is with a "k") are corded Hungarian sheep herding dogs. Obviously they aren't born with cords, rather cords are a natural formation that come with maturity.

Piroska Pulik live in Magnolia Texas - just North of Houston - on 2 fenced-in acres in an oak forest that is now also a certified "backyard habitat". Lots of wildlife to watch.


Introduction to the breeders:

Irma Fertl got her first Puli in 1986, and hasn't been without them since. Her daughter, Dagmar, has been around them since then as well, and got her first one in 1987, and hasn't been without at least one since. Irma and Dagmar have shown in conformation, as well as obedience in the USA, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Europe. Both are also active in training their Pulis to herding activities, and Dagmar also trains and competes in agility. And as of late Irma has taken up tracking with the youngest ones of the group (always looking for something to keep them busy!).

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